Keeping your yard alive when temperatures reach 100+ F everyday while also being in a drought can be very challenging but in this article I will talk about 5 helpful things you can do as a homeowner as well some of the things we do to help your lawn as healthy as possible during this stressful part of the year.

Deep morning watering – Temperatures in Central Texas can be brutal in the summer and the grass can definitely struggle if it’s not properly watered. We recommend watering deep, watering for a longer period of time will help get water deep in the roots. The average watering requirement is an inch to 1.5 inches per week as well as watering in the mornings to minimize water evaporation as the lawn will enjoy and appreciate every drop of water it receives.

Fertilizing– Fertilizing your lawn at the end of Spring or beginning of Summer can be instrumental to help keep your lawn green and healthy. A good slow release granular fertilizer that is strong in Nitrogen and Phosphorus as well as a hint of Iron can help your lawn through out the summer. Nitrogen and Iron will help keep your lawn looking vibrant and green while phosphorus will help establish strong roots, this will help build a strong foundation that your lawn will need while its under serious heat stress.

Foot traffic/placing items– As the grass struggles to survive through the summer heat, something that we can do at no cost at all is to reduce the amount of foot traffic whether that’s from people or pets. If you invest in your lawn through out the year and want to keep it as healthy as possible we suggest dedicating a certain area in your lawn that you wont mind getting damaged from people constantly stepping on or for your pets to play in. Placing large items even for a day can result in yellowing, we suggest placing items in the yard to a minimum or dedicating a spot in your lawn for those items.

Mowing Height/Grass length– Keeping your lawn at a higher length than normal is something we do to prevent disease, weeds and heat stress as much as possible. The benefits of mowing the lawn at a higher setting in the summer will help establish deeper roots which will keep the grass alive while also creating a strong barrier for weeds. Having taller grass blades also helps retain moisture due to the shade created on it self by the taller grass blades.

Applying moisture retaining products– Water retaining products are great to use when you are limited on water, which is the most important thing that your grass needs to survive. There are plenty of products in the market that can help but two products we recommend are Hydretain and baby shampoo. Hydretain is a non toxic product that helps retain as much moisture as possible and can reduce watering by up to 50%. Another inexpensive product we recommend is baby shampoo, that’s right baby shampoo helps by reducing soil tension and allowing more water to be absorbed with out harming your lawn or plants. Best thing you can do is mixing both which is something we are applying this year!